An Unexpected Guest!

We don’t usually have guests. Not that we aren’t social, everyone is busy in their lives and that is how the world really is, really. But then, one night, before leaving off for a dinner, I went to water our plants in the balcony (I couldn’t ignore my green/pink/white/red friends, night or day they need their nutrition too). I found a little white ball in one of the flower pot. I wasn’t much surprised as I thought it was a little ping pong ball left out by my sister, or one randomly flew to this specific pot out of nowhere. Before watering that ball as well, I had an urge to look at it again. and it slowly and shockingly registered in my brain that it was a tiny round egg.


I had not felt as happy as I had on the discovery of that egg in a long time! I DO NOT KNOW WHY but the thought of having an almost new born life at home filled me with joy (which I wouldn’t have to take care of or clean and I would watch it grow from the glass of the balcony). [balcony; as we live in an apartment] What bothered me was the isolation of that egg. The mommy bird was nowhere to be seen.

I quickly googled “how to take care of a bird egg”. An advice to discoverers of abandoned egg such as mine – Ask a professional for help- don’t google. (not like it’s not accurate, but google usually has the most extreme answers that will shock you). Worried for the egg, and the dinner we had to attend to, I lost hope and left a tissue on top of it, in case the egg got cold. I am aware they need real warmth, so reason 1. Reason 2, in case the mommy bird came back, she could lift the tissue easily. Ahaha yes. That sir/madam, is how my brain works.

In the morning, I went back to check on the egg. I expected it to no longer be there, or see a baby bird chirping away or any sign of the mommy bird. But Lo! Another Egg! This confirmed that this egg was not magical, or did not come out of the blue – it actually belonged to the mysterious egg laying bird I had yet to have the acquaintance of. 20150307_215118_LLS The acquaintance was made soon enough when I saw the mommy bird sitting on the spot where I last saw the eggs. I tried to go near the bird but it flew away! (I remember I was frustrated at her flying away; what if I ate the eggs?! (no of course I wouldn’t) Clumsy mommy bird). So here is what she looks like. I had to stalk her 😛 20150306_170052 She took a really good spot to nest. near my favorite white (grass?) flowers grown out of a herb. And this whole situation reminded me of Batgurrl. She loves crows! I am not so fond of birds to be honest; I have had a fair share of pet birds who flew away or even died. But this situation reminded me of her and her care for them made me more curious about my unexpected guest situation  ^__^

I hope you get to read this Batgurrl! (it has been 2 weeks since we’ve had her in the pot) 😛


They are no longer eggs! They have hatched, the two white balls! I went to water the plants again (as an excuse to check on the bird) and it flew away after noticing me. I quickly went to check on the eggs and I saw two tiny fur-ed chicks! So tiny and so adorable! they were almost the size of the portion at the end of my finger! (no I did not dare touch them, just an assumption).

Here is what I saw as of today:

unnamed bird

I called in my mom and sisters to watch it and they were more excited than I was!

This is my very first experience with birds out of a cage. Not that I can hold them or the mommy bird in my hand but just watching them from far away makes me happy 😀

For those wondering, the mommy bird came in as soon as we celebrated and left the baby birds alone. 😀


15 thoughts on “An Unexpected Guest!

    • littlesnowflake says:

      Hahahaa yes! It was more than good! oh yea thank you for reminding me, I was thinking of updating my blog a bit by changing the theme and adding a few other widgets like the email and other experimental links.
      Lol indeed very brave ahah 😛
      Thank you once again for sharing such an awesome experience 😀 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  1. batgurrl says:

    Snowflake you just got the best gift from nature. Cherish it and savor it. Before you know they will all fly away but you will have the fondest memories. Take more pictures than you think you should too. And what will you name them? Snowy and puffy? R

    Liked by 1 person

    • littlesnowflake says:

      I did name one Snowy (based on your great name choice). The other one I wanted to name Kitty (the irony ahaha).
      They were the most beautiful and the most unexpected gift that really did bring me joy for the time they were there.
      These are the last pictures I ever took. The baby birds died 3 days ago and I don’t know why. I was devastated, and just shocked.
      And the mommy bird hasn’t come back ever since. Nature is weird. I was too excited, I guess ..


      • batgurrl says:

        Oh that is so sad that they didn’t make it
        But then I have seen that before. Birds try and fail and then they succeed. Parenting is hard in nature. But think of the gift you got. And if you pay attention to nature it will give you another oh my moment. r

        Liked by 1 person

      • littlesnowflake says:

        That’s true. It truly was a gift and even though i couldn’t get it completely, I still enjoyed with what I got.


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