A 4th Thursday! + Quotespirational Thursdays

As you may have noticed, I have not been blogging much. Nor blogging in the sense where I go around in the Reader and like posts. Nothing at all! This is the 4th Thursday (at least as far as I have counted) that I have missed out on. I HAVE MISSED OUT ON SO MANY DAYS! *freaks out ..calmly*

I can’t get back those days, neither can I make up to them as I don’t have the time to keep up with the “Now” or even the upcoming days. Becoming an adult sucks –> I got selected for a job last Monday. Not my ideal job but you see, it’s better than sitting at home and feeling like a lowly life that I already feel/felt I am/was (I like working- it’s my “thing” – As the saying goes “All play no work makes Jack a dull boy”) It’s not so bad, for now, but sitting in the training room from 8 a.m to 5 p.m – my legs feel like mannequin legs.

And then the last two weeks. When all my hope was lost. It was the same day as today. But it was never the same as it is now. But we must move on.

So, I have about 6 posts rotting in my drafts. I have lots of posts that I have yet to start. Blogging is so much fun! But the question is how I am going to carry on like this. Like a person for whom time has been reduced. Plus the fact that I am a lazy human, sighh. I mean I have even slept at 8 p.m! – I am that tired.. and lazy. True that my routine has changed, and so have many things within these 3-4 weeks, maybe I have too.

I shall leave you with today’s (belated) quote – (by Leonardo Da Vinci -I forgot to put that in the picture 😦 )

Quotespirational Thursdays



14 thoughts on “A 4th Thursday! + Quotespirational Thursdays

  1. Gail Kaufman says:

    Same here. I just can’t seem to find the time to keep up with writing and reading blogs. It seems to come in spurts. I keep hearing it is best to set a blogging schedule, but with a full-time job, I already feel over-scheduled. One of the reasons I love the writing community is that readers are so forgiving. They really don’t care how often you write. Whenever you return, they’re just happy to hear from you.

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    • littlesnowflake says:

      Keeping up is the hardest part especially when you have a bucket load of ideas gathered during the week! worse than that is forgetting most of those topics and ideas and being demotivated in the end 😦
      I tried to keep a blogging schedule but I can never follow one. I can force myself to, but then it would feel very restricting.
      Yes that is true about readers! 😀
      They always welcome you back as if you were already here 😀
      that is what makes me want to blog, blog and blog 😀

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      • Gail Kaufman says:

        Yes, here I sit with my little basket of ideas written on paper scraps. Some I will get to and others I won’t, but I know I will always be a writer because nothing else brings me that sense of creation. That’s why I don’t think writing will ever be my livelihood. Once it has to be scheduled and productive, I fear I will lose the joy that creating brings.

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      • littlesnowflake says:

        I feel the same! It should be spontaneous and at the “perfectly random” moment! That is when the creativity flows (or at least it feels more right than any other time! ) 😀

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  2. Iridescent Spirits says:

    The same with me 😦 I just finished my 2nd week at my job (plus one with the training) and not only I don’t have time or energy for my blog but also I don’t have those to even think about something to post. I miss blogging so much 😦

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    • littlesnowflake says:

      Posting for blogging comes as naturally as naturally it goes away. If I don’t blog it, or write down the idea, its gone forever 😦
      and it has happened so MANY times now!
      and the worst part is I have no time or energy or motivation or even the will power to blog anymore. I want o but I rather sleep lol 😛
      Congrats and Good luck with yours! do blog often! I like reading your posts! 😀

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  3. Good Woman says:

    Starting a new job can be the most tiring thing in the world because there generally is a lot to learn plus there is nervousness in a new situation. I expect that you aren’t really lazy but just in a state of transition. You will probably work out a good balance of time. If you enjoy blogging you need to keep doing it. I like your quote…so true. I think of how good it felt to finally understand something when I just couldn’t get it but kept working on it.

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    • littlesnowflake says:

      It really is! Even if I feel a tiny bit energetic, I feel the presence of the house and I feel tired again. True, this is a transition. I wake p at 6 in the morning – I used to wake up at 10 during my unemployed days – so it is a Big difference for me.
      I enjoy blogging more than the job 😛
      Only of they give access to wifi -my break time would be for blogging 😦
      Thank you! I shall try to adjust better ahaha 🙂 😛

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