A bit of found poetry- His Masterpiece.


Okay. This was supposed to be on landscape. A found poetry. But oh well. His Masterpiece (?) (I am really uncertain to put this title, but, I’ll go with this for now). One of the assignments of Writing 201. I had been really under stress and was lost for the last 2 weeks and I had NO idea which day was what. I mean, I missed out on my blog events, on 3 poetry assignments. But now, I’ll try to catch up to them. (And it’s Thursday tomorrow?! What is up with the Earth’s rotation? Why so fast?)

Anyways. This found poetry was found in articles of a magazine here called the “Friday Magazine” which is published on Friday (obviously, as the name goes. *you may roll your eyes here*).

As for this poem, It was supposed to be on “Landscape”, with enumerations, but I couldn’t write it then. I read the articles and just wanted to go ahead with these words. I kept on searching and it kept on growing. I wanted the words and sentences to be only from the Travel section since, go figure, the title “Landscape”, but, I couldn’t find enough words and well, a rhythm to the poetry to complete it (not in the sense of rhyming, but in the sense of the poem having a flow in it). So I found these words and sentences in articles related to Travel (a hotel in Fujeirah – one of the Emirate of U.A.E), Book reviews (Alice in Wonderland and Moby Dick), and a Success story of the CEO of Emax.

I have completed it, my first try at such a poetry, where in my life I would never be able to come up with Β the words used without a thesaurus (tehehe). So yep. Thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed it πŸ™‚ xx


8 thoughts on “A bit of found poetry- His Masterpiece.

    • littlesnowflake says:

      Thank you for reading it! πŸ˜€
      I hope it made sense because as i kept on reading it, I kind of lost the sense to it ahaha πŸ˜›


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