The Snowflake Man (my Soul Mate).

There was once a man named Wilson Bentley. He was crazy about Snowflakes. He was CRAZY about Snowflakes! Their shapes, sizes, and the fact that no two snowflakes are the same - he was as curious on the topic of snowflakes as Alice was about everything. It was this curiosity of his that lead him … Continue reading The Snowflake Man (my Soul Mate).


Cute Blog Award

A Cute Blog Award! Kawaiii :3 I would like to thank Tinyexpats for this awesome nomination! An amazing mother who in my opinion is giving the best of life for her two tiny expats. I was nominated for this award 2 months ago (I mean wow! this has been sitting in the drafts since then and … Continue reading Cute Blog Award

My Life In Book Tags

I was tagged by the really cool and awesome blogger FearlesslyNat for this fun book tag! I love books and this nomination allowed me to recall my book reading history - how it all started and how it really did have an impact on my life (in a brilliant way, of course) Baby: Did you like to … Continue reading My Life In Book Tags

Quotespirational Thursdays

For today, Ill go with this quote. Forgiveness is a must; for the forgiv-ee, and more importantly, the forgiver; it gives you a peace of mind. It makes you not carry a burden of that annoyance that you went through and remember it every now and then, even when you do't want to. Thus, it … Continue reading Quotespirational Thursdays

Roots and Wings

So Many places, I want to go So many people, I want to know I want to stay But I want to leave I want it all Got to believe You can have Roots and Wings You can have everything You can know where you're from And still want to fly Two feet on the … Continue reading Roots and Wings

An Unexpected Guest!

We don't usually have guests. Not that we aren't social, everyone is busy in their lives and that is how the world really is, really. But then, one night, before leaving off for a dinner, I went to water our plants in the balcony (I couldn't ignore my green/pink/white/red friends, night or day they need their … Continue reading An Unexpected Guest!

A 4th Thursday! + Quotespirational Thursdays

As you may have noticed, I have not been blogging much. Nor blogging in the sense where I go around in the Reader and like posts. Nothing at all! This is the 4th Thursday (at least as far as I have counted) that I have missed out on. I HAVE MISSED OUT ON SO MANY DAYS! … Continue reading A 4th Thursday! + Quotespirational Thursdays