Nothing makes sense

Have you ever noticed, when you read and re read a word more than 5 or 6 times, it looses its meaning? For that certain moment (and this is a cliche sentence) you question its existence -why do those the words exist? That, say, for example, “quote” -why q-u-o-t-e is written in that way? Where does its meaning derive from? Then, your eyes begin to separate the “q” from the “u” and the “o” and “t” and “e”.

Its just this very thought and observation that makes me question not just these words or sentences, or pages books and novels – when I expand this thought to people, nature, places – the whole world, it doesn’t make sense to me in the same way as it does for words.

As you may have noticed, I am a very direct person, usually, my posts and other updates are not based on deep thinking. In fact, I try to avoid this deep thinking. Whenever I have a certain thought as mentioned above, I don’t try to think further. I just want to stop thinking for that brief moment – I start humming, thinking about different things (food I guess) or even start singing to distract my thoughts. (and I don’t have anyone to discuss it with because, to be honest, everyone has their own opinions and they usually never understand – then again, it might be my way of conveying the message ?).

And then its because it doesn’t make sense. We have scientific facts, then we have religious and earthly facts. Do you ever stop for a second, close your eyes and wonder that – You. Its you, existing in the very moment (not talking about time here – ignore time – time doesn’t exist) capable of everything yet nothing? (as in, there are limitations of course – you can’t fly). But still, you DO exist. Your presence, you recognize your presence in that moment.

I am going to loose my head one day just because of this. This world and other worlds and everything else around me. The way we think, expressions, smiles, thoughts – its never ending. Like when you are alive and you breathe constantly to stay alive. Well, duh, obviously, to stay alive you have to breathe but we live because we are breathing – wait, a better example. our hearts, beating every 0.08(?) seconds.  Basically, well, something you can’t control. Similarly thoughts. And its these thoughts. In fact, sometimes it becomes a train of thoughts and the originality of the thought is lost.

Sorry, really, if I don’t make sense. Or if I made half sense and gave you a headache (that was totally not my intention :S)

Thank you for reading if you made it till here 🙂

If not, well, I understand.

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10 thoughts on “Nothing makes sense

  1. babyruthbeer says:

    I understand you! Sometimes, really rare times, I look at a friend and I’m suddenly lost. I’m thinking, who is this, did she really look that way etc. It happens even with my mom. I don’t know. So many questions, so few answers haha.

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    • littlesnowflake says:

      Yup! and it bothers me sometimes but when I get back to me (I don’t know, maybe my conscious goes out for a brief walk and that’s when we forget everything :P) when i get back, it feels as if I just came from a parallel universe. I agree!We have very few answers 😛

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  2. PerfectYouth Creation says:

    Hi There! I really enjoy your writing. You have a unique talent that drew me back, something incredibly sweet but also deep thinking and intelligent. You’re very good at writing, you never know, maybe it could become a little more than a hobby.

    I would like you to check my Pinterest, I left something for you there.


    Thank you! Keep it up 🙂
    Sincerely (also known as Tacha

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    • littlesnowflake says:

      Omg thank you! I am glad you read it and liked it! Thank you for the compliment, I hope this good writing gets even better 😀
      Wow, you made it into a quote! 😀
      I am on pinterest as well, actually just discovering how to use it ahaha 😀
      You have amazing quotes! You could make a quote blog (or if you have a blog, I can follow you there?)
      Glad to meet you. I hope I see more of you! ^_^


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