The Fog.

While the fog engulfed all the innocence that it touchedimages (1)

I sat here and waited for harmony to come.

I saw them plead for justice, a justice that would never come.

for who could ever reverse what was done?

They asked, they begged, they cried and prayed

for someone to just hear, to lift that fog away.

For you, just another news for the day

But for them, their whole world was torn away.

The sound of little feet, pitter patter

The sound of a child saying “I am hungry mother.”

They still wait for this sound to come after mid day.

A young man smiling, at his mother

heading for school, for the day, and, forever

Its all gone now, they have snatched it away.

the fog that settled down, a fog that will forever stay.

In the memory of the 133 innocent children and staff massacred in the Peshawar School attack by terrorists on December 16, 2014.

The day humanity saw hell on Earth.


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