NCL Hands Almost Touching

Poem 1: Trust –


Saw you cry, a few

Nights ago

Oh, my love,

Why did you not tell me before?

For I promised, to always be there.

Let me proveย myself with

A trust, I plead. A

Knot I’ll tie, a promise I’ll keep, because I am

Eternally, yours.

Poem 2: Your trust in me –

I don’t care for all that glitters

I don’t seek for good old triggers,

Neither do I care what anything else means

Its your trust in me, which is all I need.

Because I trust you too, reckon, more than me.

Note 1 [for poem 1]: The ‘K‘ was the hardest partt! So, I have tried ๐Ÿ™‚

Note 2: I am not a cheesy person – And this was just a try out \o/


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