Limerick – Journey

How long did she wait?66c496df4858bbae1be82e5da3bfc182

knowing she wasn’t late.

Bracing her heart

with all her thoughts

she stood up and walked away

Note to self:

I have realized that my poetry isn’t from my heart – if it involves rules (yes limerick with mid sentence being shorter – I am looking at you; and you too, haiku)

But I am here to improve and become better at even the little poetry I do. Feel free to bring me on the right poetry track if you find mistakes (or have suggestions). Ill be glad to improve on them 🙂

Note 2:

I love adding images to words. Its makes me feel that the words have a support from their cousins (pictures are the cousins)

[Image Courtesy: Google Images.]


7 thoughts on “Limerick – Journey

  1. Manual says:

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    • littlesnowflake says:

      Hii! I just saw your comment today!! It was in the spam section for i dont know what reason :S
      can i have the link to it? Itll be interesting to read it 😀
      i tried googling it but nothing came up :S


  2. S says:

    Good try! Yep , I have the issue with writing rule too (except for typos and making grammatical sense). My thought on writing is, it should connect and should be from heart. I am not very much a fan of these rules, ,because that is restrictive. I guess am a rebel 😉 More into free verse. These writing challenges sure do bring some discipline , don’t they?

    Liked by 1 person

    • littlesnowflake says:

      They do bring out discipline – thats true! But personally, I’d rather be a bit rebellious, or out of pattern atleast. My first limerick had the middle sentence longer than the rest of the poem. Imagine my disappointment when i re-read the assignment which said that the middle one is the shortest(er) one 😛


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