Haiku – Water.

The Rain Room Is Unveiled At The Curve Inside The Barbican Centre

You see calm tides,

but the heart’s filled with a storm,

to blow away with it all.

I tried. My very first haiku (after billions of other tried haikus).

I did it in 17 words so yay! 😀

[Image courtesy: Google images]


18 thoughts on “Haiku – Water.

  1. jdoublep says:

    great image to tinker with here. since in haiku you have such a limited amount of words with which to paint, in revision i’d suggest focusing on expanding your image: you can likely remove the indefinite articles and maybe even the prepositions. you might then find room for ripe word or two that will multiply the associations within your piece. looking forward to seeing what else you put out here.

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