Show Your World – Global Village

Show Your World is a blog event hosted by Tiny Expats. The place that I have chosen for this week is Global Village- an annual festival that takes place in Dubai, hosting many countries of the world.

You might ask “Hosting the countries of the world?”. Well, in a sense. You see, here at Global Village, an area, or in local terms, a pavilion is dedicated to a certain country. You can visit those pavilions and feel an essence of that country, as if you were visiting it! The culture, tradition and miscellaneous items of trade in the form of bazaars – it almost feels like you are actually visiting the place. These pavilions may even host music or dance performances that exhibit their traditions.

I feel connected to this place not because I have been visiting it since I can remember, but because I feel just that one step closer to my world travel dream. You can visit the essence of those countries, smell their air in and see it from the perspective as if you were actually there.

Some images from  previous visit:

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