The Bookworm Club – Deja Dead

My first book club! 😀Dejadead
The thing is, book clubs aren’t so popular here (or I just haven’t happened upon them , so I was really glad (and excited) to have found one through this event (and yes! now I can freely share and talk about the books I like (or have just read) and get book recommendations from fellow readers 🙂 )

So, for my first post for #thebookwormclub hosted by Mariella from Jumbleskine, I present to you “DeJa Dead” by Kathy Reichs. I bought this book randomly off the table during one of my school events (as most of my books are bought this way or either, I have heard a good review). To be honest the color of the book was very tempting (blue 😀 ) and the name made my brain realize that it was a mystery genre. I love mystery books.

Why is this book so brain-catching (at least for me)?

  • The flow of events.
  • The grammar and the way it was written.
  • The unpredictable characters.
  • The not so predictable ending (or even the plot).
  • And of course, the sarcastic commentary by Dr. Brennan (the protagonist)

Set in 1994, the novel surrounds the life and career of  the American Dr Temperance Brennan, a forensic anthropologist, living in Quebec. Her life is not just a host of unpredictable events, but now also involves a danger leading the discovery of bones belonging to a woman. Not only this sparks an interest to Brennan as to what, why and how it happened, but, it also leads to her questioning to similar cases that have taken place before. She begins to see a connection between all of them, coming to a conclusion that it can only be done by a single psychopathic maniac, with a hatred towards women in particular.

Brennan tries to bring this to light to the investigative department, only to be neglected and ignored by the head of the investigation. Filled with rage and the need to bring the deaths to justice and like any other protagonist, she goes on her own hunt to truth, only to find herself caught up in the mess *SPOILER* and also in the list of the murderer.

To mystery lovers, this book is long, but you wouldn’t want it to end. The twists and turns, the on and off switch between Brennan and the head of investigation (called Claude, by the way), and the way this book is narrated – you will NOT be disappointed. (I was advised not to “waste my time on it, but I NEEDED to read something one day and my hands were turning the pages of this book the next moment)

I do not remember a quote, but Goodreads does 🙂

We’re too absorbed in communicating among ourselves to worry about an almighty architect.


5 thoughts on “The Bookworm Club – Deja Dead

    • littlesnowflake says:

      Thank you! I didn’t even know that the show was based on this book :O
      I had seen its ads but never watched it. What a coincident! 😀


    • littlesnowflake says:

      I just came to know that it is based on a TV show! It is such a great coincidence; I had this book for years and I knew about the show (never interested in it) but didn’t know they had a connection 😀
      Her (this book atleast) is just great literature. If I ever find the ones you listed, I am sure to buy them 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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