Versatile Award

hola beach club (1) I was nominated by Hargun Wahi and  Secret Parade for the Versatile Bloggers award long back basically at the time of Blogging 101 (seems like a long time ago huh?). Hargun is an enthusiastic blogger whom I find really bubbly and kind. Secret Parade is the future director of awesome movies and will be popular worldwide one day. I was humbled really, would like to Thank them wholeheartedly for considering me and would like to pay my respects and post by (most of) the rules.


Show the award on your blog.

Thank the person who nominated you.

Share seven facts about yourself.

Nominate 15 blogs.

Link your nominees’ blogs, and let them know.

So here are 14 facts ( haha got you. There will be less facts because I am here to find facts about myself 😀 )

1. I like answering questions even if I don’t know the answer to them. It shows how well you know or dont know stuff and in the end you just learn.

2. I love pastaaa! and Soup. Never forget soup.

3. I was team Edward (ugh) when twilight was the teenage hype, but now I am team Park from Eleanor and Park.

4. I am Pakistani by passport and by heart. Although I have never lived there and only have visited it during vacations. Although if I ever get to live there, I would want to live in Murree – it is a beautiful hilltop and it snows there!

5. My URL for the blog is the most randomest word I have ever chosen. It was supposed to be “littlesnowflake” but I decided it on a brim.

6.I don’t have a favorite color – but my preference would be blue white, black, grey, red, pink. Ok – so really, no favorites here.

7. I love Tomb Raider – it is a childhood game of mine

8. I want to be better at socializing and designing

9. If I had a genre for my life it would be boredom, random stuff and slice of life.

The Nominees:(I am a bit reluctant about this part for every nomination – fact 10. I am always confused with who to nominate, so, I am sorry if I don’t nominate you and I am sorry if I nominated you and you didn’t like it :/ )


Itchy Quill

Girl, Independent 


Zero Creativity



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