The fault in our technology

I find it rather disturbing when an computer “specialist” does not own their own PC. Ironically, as an I.T graduate, I am disturbed with myself – I don’t own the “dream” personal system that I’d like.

I do own a system. An old Samsung laptop which I consider as an ancient system in 2015. I got it when I was still in school in 2010 – about 4.5 years go! A 2 GB RAM, 250 GB hard drive, a 32 bit operating system, a worn out battery life (won’t run without the charger), a broken hinge and the keyboard missing the alphabetical “a” and the “up” arrow key – imagine my struggle. I am a cave woman.

Why I am suddenly talking about the laptop is because in this day and era, in this fast pacing world ruled by technology, I have rebooted this system to just blog (and read mangas and watch my series). Such a system would be considered obsolete by now (the minimum RAM nowadays is 4GB according to the technology shop brochures here). When did we all become so tech dependent?

Or most of us tech savvy? (“most of us” because I know some people don’t want to know about the technical bits – I know because I have such sisters and have just confirmed this with her 😛 ). I know it’s more of the era of mobile apps but I do NOT like writing something or anything of meaning from a small screened, limited optioned device. I do have issues using a cell phone. It is convenient but I don’t want to depend on it. I do have the wordpress app but I use it to read blogs and if I need to comment or like, I use it then only – for an urgent reply more so.

Continuing, I actually just got it formatted (the Drive C wiped out) because it was as slow as a turtle (no, I have had turtles as pets before, and, they crawled at the pace of a rabbit’s hop |whut?|) and, the “booting” would take up more than half an hour before I actually got to start my work. I hadn’t used it for at least 8 months!

Thankfully I had a backup laptop which let me pass through my university. So you’ll ask why don’t I use that laptop now? Actually, in middle-eastern-asian families, one of the system (or even if there is just one) belongs to the whole family. It is called the “Family laptop” which is shared with my whole family because thank you windows 8 – to encourage families to share just one laptop.

To be honest, I don’t mind sharing the laptop because we have different accounts on it when it comes to the convenience of not going through extra files that don’t belong to you . But it does get a bit demotivating waiting for my father or sisters or mother or brother to let me use it. So for now, I shall continue using my “Irony”, my ancient Samsung. I am grateful for having such run down and broken system in my life and in this time. (oh, the irony)

Fun fact: To those wondering, I have been using my Samsung to write this post – press CTRL + F and just type “a” and imagine typing this post without an “A” key. Fun, nay?

Its like my keyboard is missing 2 teeth 😦

I’ll post better stuff as time goes by. Bear with me and thank you for reading such a random post!  xx 🙂


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