Ice, Water, Steam and Our Transitions


“Like Ice, we stand firm on our decisions and silhouette, yet,

Like Water, we flow through changes, through time, and,

Like Steam, we enter (hearts of) vessels without even touching them.

Yet, we are much more than that.”

[Warning: This may make no sense, but to me, it does]

We all have been ice, water and steam – each state independently or all at the same time  – but what really impresses me is the transition of these states. The “in-between” reaction that encourages (or forces) the “element” (state) to turn into another state – yet,  it never goes astray from its pattern. It is either from water to ice or to steam (and many vice versas).

But we are not the same. We have more transitions (the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another. [thank you google]) – in the form of emotions – which are not in a regular pattern. And it is these emotions that cause the transitions of our states. (Feel like I am going off track again?)

For example:

  • Confusion, yet happiness.
  • Anxiety and nervousness, yet determination.
  • Joy and sadness (I have experienced it during Graduation (lol). Leaving place you got used to in 3 whole years, yet you cannot be more than glad that you are moving on in life).

So personally, when it comes to what I believe in, I will not move an inch from my belief and stand strong with it. Yet, I have been taught to be humble at the same time, to understand the situation of others, to realize the world does not orbit around me only – so I, melt my ego, and flow like the water to understand them. And with the sigh of patience, I have tried to touch their thoughts to understand them better, and to have them understand me better too.

I can be all the states – Ice, Water and Steam at the same time and I can be two states at the same time, or just feel a single state independently.

Thank you for reading; apologies if I couldn’t convey my thoughts.


In response to The Daily Post’s weekly writing challenge: “Ice, Water, Steam.”


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