A new posting style – A quote.

It should have been fiction. Something imaginative, with characters and swords and snow. My kind of a new posting style – because I have not been “fictional” yet. I will try it soon enough because I don’t have enough time (or an idea), but today I felt like sharing a quote from this book (as I also haven’t posted quotes).


I once saw this book when I was 15. I thought it would be mature content (and it is) so I decided to buy it later -if it was in my fate- and it was.
I took the fate a bit for granted, and this book joined the “to be read one day” list (in my defense, I had my studies in my way)
Then one day I felt guilty and I read it. And came upon this sentence, this quote:


This is actually a flashback where the protagonist (Helen) was in a conversation with her father. They were sitting on a bench in the church. She had just told him about her *SPOILER-divorce -SPOILER* and she has prior “issues” with her mother.

I had never thought of this before. What occurred to me later was the way we think life just ends there when someone dies. But in reality, it is when something ends that gives a chance for another beginning, or another life.

Thank you for reading.


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