Inspiration and admiration.

You ask me if I got inspired by any other blogger? Haha. When did a blogger not inspire me, I’d ask. Any blog/post link I click on, any words, any passages I read, all that happens to me is inspiration, admiration- on the fact that so many people do so many things – its just wonderful. I learn more every time I click on a link and all I can say is they all have done nothing but increased my experience AND knowledge.
So yay, I am accomplishing my blog goals – and its all thanks to you guys!

So I shall continue with today’s assignment. The blogger that has inspired me and my comment on one of their post.

Hello Ms. Fffrail. I hope I don’t startle you, but your post and your writing really did make the gears in my brain work – which, is in a good sense by the way. As in, I really liked your review, and it became my inspiration and thus I write about it.

I am not sure if ill be able to do justice to your post, but, here I go.

“Elastic Heart”


Before watching the video, I read half the review (the part before the embedded video). I was taken aback by the first few seconds of the video (I am sorry, my tiny brain does not remember if the picture was earlier there or not but I would have been taken aback by it too). I might not have watched it, but it just took that part of the review that made me reconsider (keywords: art of dance, emotion and beauty). And so I had watched it.

As the video advanced, my thoughts had an opinion on each scene and every other move I saw.
I found these actors very talented, they had an amazing synchronization and no other actor that I can think of could have done a better job with the music. But that is all that I can or would say about this video. And THAT my friends – is very less said for this amazingly artistic and soulful video.

It was her review- her words that gave my random, scampering thoughts a meaning.(thoughts on how other viewers would have reacted to it, what message the video was trying to convey, if there even was a message, the nature of the video, and there is so much more). My words about the video will be nothing compared to hers, but it felt like the words read what my brain saw and forgot as the video got over.

I m not a review person – I can Never write a review, but the reviews I read, I can judge them somewhat. Especially if the are supported by a video or a picture (or even poetry or other reviews as a support). And this video made sense to every thought of mine.

The part on the relationship between the “characters” (father/daughter, brother/sister relationship). The thin borderline vibe that was given if it was sexual video or not – its better if I quote it:

“In my opinion I see these complaints as the sexualizing of a non-sexual video. It has an animalistic vibe to it, the two performers represent one person battling against themselves, with this struggle expressed through the choreography[…]”

I was intrigued to read it all and watch the video yet again.

So what exactly inspired me about it? For starters, if it weren’t for the author, I would not have known what this video is about. Then, the perspective of this video, from the point of view of critics/other viewers. Their (given) opinion too, matter, in the sense that how they took in the message from this video. I guess I would have been one of them – reluctant to watch the video (I may have watched it later in life or maybe never) – but I’m glad I tumbled upon her post and saw a really beautiful video that I may have missed out due to my own ignorance.

You can watch the beautiful video and read her review Here.


4 thoughts on “Inspiration and admiration.

  1. delildel says:

    This is really beautiful! Thanks for resharing this. Haha, I probably never would’ve viewed this otherwise. About the video–there’s so much going on in the video, potentially controversial and transgressive (even if there might be some suggestive themes, i don’t find this offensive because I do not believe that this could be about pedophilia). It’s all set in one room and what makes it significant is their movements and the silent struggle at the end. Very powerful!

    Liked by 1 person

    • littlesnowflake says:

      The video is amazing. Their dance – the energy, they are so into their character it doesn’t even seem like a video when you realize that you were watching just them. I agree – there is nothing offensive, if you actually see it without having something against the props (or the age), the video has a completely different meaning.
      What made me watch was the review of Fffrail (Check out her blog too! ) 😀
      When you watch it and then read it, its like it plays in your head with your opinions.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. fffrail says:

    Thank you so so so much for this; honestly I have sat here for the past 20 minutes trying to put into words how I feel about this post. I never thought that this lil ol’ post of mine would have had such an impact, and I am so glad that you stumbled across my post and that I introduced you to this video.
    I am genuinely touched and extreme grateful for your kind words. This means so much to me. Thank you! xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    • littlesnowflake says:

      Trust me I really enjoyed not only reading it, but reading it with the scenes in my head! your review was really engaging !
      I just hope I didnt startle you so suddenly 😛
      and yes, I too am glad I came across your post, I am a fan of Sia now
      I wish to read more from you really! keep up the awesome work! 😀


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