Theme-ing around

Assignment 5 – last of this week – and I have done it late!

Trying out new themes was engaging, entertaining, yet tedious and, disappointing at the end.

With a not- so-set theme in mind, a random desired effect (rose pink header, black/grey font for header and a grey background) just popped out on the screen while I was experimenting, and, more ideas for the color combo stormed in my brain. While I tried to change the font color of the theme, I was not able to change the background color. It was a choice; to pick either the background color or the font color. In the end I chose the background color and BOOM! the pink header I chose was gone (and turned black). Either the “featured palettes” are also for premium and I was fooled or it was just for the time being, I do not know.

Then, after trying other themes with not much satisfactory results as the one that I wanted, I have decided to keep the current one. It is not bad, but I know could make it better.

Did anyone else go through an issue like this? Please do tell if I have missed out some option to get the effect I want.


4 thoughts on “Theme-ing around

  1. Gail says:

    So glad the word “mentor” got your attention. I created that blog after my primary blog and have not been able to give it the exposure I would like. WordPress limits the link from your comments to your primary blog. On my wish list is a drop down where you could select the blog to which your comments are linked, similar to selecting from a drop down when you reblog.

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    • littlesnowflake says:

      WordPress really is limiting and not so user friendly – one has to find their way around – actually find their way around and it still limits them.
      I think i just visited your primary blog. and it links to your blog that I have followed. Oh I understand now. I have access to them both 🙂


    • littlesnowflake says:

      Initially it was a fun idea to explore the options and design. But as soon as I realized the limitations for designing, I was frustrated.
      So, after experimenting i found this 😀
      Yours is very professional. Initially, the word “mentor” caught my attention to your blog 🙂


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