I, my very own reader.

Who am I looking at when I blog?

Well, I am looking at the screen *ba-dum-tss*  (apologies for the bad joke, couldn’t help  it 😀 )

The reason I started this blog was to reach out. To people I don’t know, who know things I don’t know of (countless of things, I can’t even put them as a list), poets, critics, readers, fellow bloggers, bungee jumpers, scuba divers – I never had any certain reader in mind.

Maybe I should have started that way, but then, I might have never started blogging. Or now. my brain tells me that it was me who I was looking at. My future self maybe? When (if) I grow older, I would want to know how far I’ve come. What changes I’ve gone through, how I “grew” – in terms of writing, experiences, socially, mentally and so on. I want to shape myself to write better, maybe.

I may sound self centered (lelz) but I never really had a specific reader in my mind. It was for me, and anyone who wanted to read what I write/post. I want to grow through this blog – and it is the most convenient way for me to connect with strangers (probably on the same boat as me).

Arigato for reading.

And now fellow readers, I leave you with this. Happy blogging!


6 thoughts on “I, my very own reader.

  1. JustSomeDood says:

    That pretty much echos my reasoning for blogging. Well first off let me say that bad jokes are always in fashion lol. Second there is no reason to feel self centered, it’s a personal blog, of things that happen to you, or that you think/care about. It’s very nature is a little self serving but that’s perfectly alright. It’s supposed to be that way.

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    • littlesnowflake says:

      Haha then I guess I don’t need to worry much about my joking habits.
      Yea that is true about blogging, but when I read and re-read this post all my brain heard was “me me me I” so thats why the self centered thought came along 😛
      I will grow out of that shell eventually i hope. I usually avoid intros, but then again, how else would a person really know who you are? So yea.. happy blogging fellow blogger! Hoping to see more of your work! 😀


      • JustSomeDood says:

        I get that, but if you think about it it’s all (more or less) true. YOU have a personal blog, it it YOU post YOUR thoughts, YOUR opinions, and YOUR ideas for others to read….right?


      • littlesnowflake says:

        Yes you are right, but they can be about other things as well. That is what I want to achieve along with other things. Writing descriptively about stuff that amuses me.

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      • JustSomeDood says:

        For sure, it’s just my feeling toward a personal blog. Now if I had a blog about a particular subject say current events here in California then it would be much less true because there you are stating facts and not opinions.


      • littlesnowflake says:

        Conflict of opinion : facts are true as long as they are written truely; and opinions are a subject to perspective/p.o.vs – such as this opinion.
        I mean i maybe wrong here but yes, opinions are interesting but not always true. Facts if are told truely are then only true otherwise they are just rumours.
        And i.m.o i like opinions more than facts. Facts are boring..in a sense that they can be a “common sense” fact at times. Opinions are amazing. Even if not always true, opinions show what others think – and it takes one beyond their thinking.
        Omg if i dont make sense i apologise and if i sound rude i am sorry then too.
        If i re read this i might never post it :S .

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