This blog and I

Briefly – I am a reader (novels and mangas), I am a tv show lover, I am an observer, I am a wannabe graphics designer, I love pizza, pasta -Food, chocolate is my energy booster, and tea is my coffee. I could be a dreamer if I didn’t sleep that much, and I hope I change my lazy ways one day.

This being my first blog, on a personal level (I have had blogs, but they were only for university assignments), my aim is just to reach out to people. People that I don’t know of, whom I’ve never met before. Critics, poets, other readers, writers, travelers, artists, foodies.

This is about expanding my world, my limits, with what I know and with what I can learn more – and learning comes from experience. I can’t experience every thing in life, so, I want to know of those experiences from people who have had the pleasure (or displeasure) of having felt what I never have before. I want to become more creative. I want to motivate myself through this blog to travel.

Yes- I do want to travel but maybe its the thought that i’ll never get to travel demotivates me. I want to have my own voice and I want to be able to write more – crossing my limits, thinking out of the box. And I believe I would be able to do it, with just a little push from this blog, these assignments and reaching out.

So, you’ll find poems here, my art work, hilarious and useful 9GAG posts (if its not a copyright issue), thoughts and observations. I say this now and I hope to keep up to it. My journal may include most of these, but since no one’s allowed to read it, I’ll post some excerpts from it here.

If you’ve reached this far, I Thank You for keeping up with my words and English. I really appreciate thatΒ kind gesture. *bows* πŸ˜€


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