Do your best.


I have been tried. Today. the Day before. And have been ever since I stepped out of ..well. Ever since I was born, if I take it all the way back then. But I don’t think giving up is an option, even though success has become more of a northern star – a guidance rather than something achievable.

What I perceive as success is the way one reaches to the top. And this is where we get caught -for, what we perceive as the top. No matter how many diplomas you hold, no matter what your performance is, how many connections you have, you are successful when you are content with your life. It’s that place out of the comfort zone where you are… comfortable. Hah. Sounds like drinking cold water in hell.

What I have learnt is, and have always learn’t in every situation actually is that, people will always be there to challenge you. They will make you challenge yourself. Brilliant strategy, isn’t it? They will come to you for help, to complain, perhaps praise you too, but once you turn your back, they turn their backs against you too. That’s when you realize how necessary it is to have knowledge, to be ourselves, to make the most of what we are instead of sulking or, getting revenge *sceptical glances*. The Tale of two wolves – It is what we learn,what we experience from the situation and apply into ourselves that will lead us towards positivity or, negativity. 

We must never forget that we are in control of what we will be. Not only what we want to be, but what we WILL BE/WILL BECOME. If we want success, we need to accept ourselves more.

Thus. I honestly don’t know what would really work, but I am sure that it is our sincerity towards what we do, the belief in ourselves that we will do great and overcome any challenge that comes in our way – be it through the task, or, other people. Being honest and earnest always go a long way, with ourselves and others. Which is why, we should never stop learning at any age, try out new things, travel to new places, be open to new ideas (especially cultures if I might be so inclined to specify) and never ever think we don’t deserve something that comes our way (or that we actually earn). Afterall, if we as any other human being don’t deserve it, then what makes us so sure that any other human being would deserve it then?

Success isn’t a straight road to more money, power, satisfaction ya-da, ya-da. Success, itself is a thorny, built with rocks and potholes of failures along the way, only to see if we give a damn enough to get ourselves together after stumbling upon them.

A Map to success:



Where did we go?


Sherlock BBC 

Loosing ourselves from time to time again, is just human nature. Or precisely, one of the instincts we have- to claim ourselves, to discover other things – or, the utmost truth, we get busy with real life and analogous people.

I started work in the two years ago and I went AWOL (from blogging). I started my masters course around 10 months after my job started and I graduate this November (yaay!)

It all sounds fun and games and a smooth road BUT HEAR ME OUT PEOPLE. IT IS A TOTAL ROLLER COASTER RIDE OF MAYHEM AND DISASTER (except the grades that still keep you afloat and the salary that cashes in the bank account – and of course, food)

To be honest, one cannot do it without help and support from family and friends, and as you go along the way, you do meet good people and you have friends at the end of the day. True, some part ways, but others stay – and/or promise to stay even after parting and make the journey worth it.

Some people, however, bring you down. Pull on the rope of your helium balloon and jerk you down. Threaten you and your job and you are left with memories of them that would never allow you to forgive them, no matter how clean they seem afterwards, because you never want to feel threatened or weak again. This kind of experience,I’ve learned, helps you grow and shows you a different perspective of the world that has always been kept behind a curtain from you as a child. People out there, there are many, as good as they are, but, there are also those- hyenas among them. Face them, believe in yourself, and be yourself, because that is the best you will ever be and the best you will ever shine which will help you become more stronger.

Well, I feel I have learned a lot in 2 years and also have gone a bit psychotic (my mom would agree). Between tears of digital ink and bloodshot eyes from studying and researching after work, and sacrificing manga, TV shows and games. But I guess it was worth it.

I still have my dissertation submission in October and surveys that need filling out. haha I still have work to do and I remember blogging out of the blue. This was supposed to be after October, but I guess I am becoming really impatient with the workload now.

Anyways, cheerio fellow bloggers. Ill head back to work and probably will be back after October, if I am alive ~

P.S GAME OF THRONES HAS BECOME MORE EPIC! Well, a bit too fan-fic now, really different from the GOT it used to be mumble mumble..


This is how it works.

When you are on the verge of giving up, think why you started. 

I have never been motivational or inspirational, but I do know that getting up your lazy bum does make the work happen.

Whether you list it down and shoot it off one by one (by actually doing the thing), magic happens.Whether you unintentionally get it done OR do it just to get it over with it – that is how it works.

Yes, I agree. The most honest, honorable and modest thing to do for that “work” would be to give it your all. Do it with your heart, give a 100% and follow the instructions step by step- but let me ask you. Where is the time?

Maybe I am not good at managing my time (?) – well clearly, I have been away for months. But I was utilising the time into other things. Now that is where I ask, “Where is the time to give a 100% to everything you do?”

This does sound vague and really ironic. But hey, life has actually, always, come with a “give me 101% deal with just the 15% of you.”

Example: A storyline based battle video game. Now, gamers must have noticed how they change a weapon just by clicking the other weapon and voila! Magically, the old weapon turns into a new one with the blink of an eye. (Thank you programming and coding)

Now assume a real life situation. You are in battle (the historical one). You want to change your weapon maybe because it’s rusty. Nope you can’t click it away. So you reach into your storage sack (assuming it is large enough to hold a body), fumble in it until you find a good sword or whatever, keep the old one back, look ahead to face your enemy, only to find you head cracked because you aren’t a game character who can lick it away! Well, bohoo. And guess what? You get only one life here


Well, unless of course, luck and faith and prayers and your own speed, agility and time management had been with you. These all make up, let’s say 85% (just saying; lets assume it as the con) of you. And the rest? Adding the rest, makes it up for the 100%, don’t it?

Well, as lazy I am, and tired of this continuous life I fail to do something about (I try, I fail: that is life), I have written this piece and am really open to criticism. Yes, help me. Help me think, wonder, get the right answer beyond my thinking (that is, if this post made any sense at all)





Time for a change

It doesn’t matter how much you calculate time, it just keeps on ticking by. No amount of “2 years, 5 months, 4 days, 6 hours, 20 minutes, 15 seconds” can literally just stay as “2 years, 5 months, 4 days, 6 hours, 20 minutes, 15 seconds”. Its all gone in the next second, next minute, next – you know! Or more likely it recalculates itself and turns into another digit.

So, who am I to say that the exact person I am right now, will be the exact person in the next second? Ok, maybe the next minute, the next hour, the next day …you get the point.


If you think this is one of the greatest read and like Alice in Wonderland, Click here and Here

A’ite, getting back to the main point. We change. Constantly. We are never the same person we are or were in any given second or moment.

True. Whether we are one person or another, our preferences, our choices mostly the same. But, we are constantly changing, developing, growing up further. Till in the end, of course, we meet our ultimate destination, but in between, we are never settled – not even as ourselves.

So, who are we to decide how a person is like when we ourselves are so unstable? Even when there is a tiny moment of self-doubt, you can realize that we are nothing but tiny creatures living on giant comet travelling in space WITH time turning us greyer.

The Practice of Practicing

My inspiration, my passion, something that I always come back to – Art.

I love art the way I love chocolate.

No, not doing art, just observing it. Just observing from the minute details to the most obvious ones. The way you would take in a sunset and try to distinguish the smudging colors of yellow, red and orange. The way the round blood orange ball drowns into the vast sky, escorted by grey clouds. The rays, indescribably vivid, tying to touch everything in sight, spreading along the horizon, as if to grasp and hold on a bit longer.


Doesn’t that too, make sunset an art?

Observation plays a main role in art an being an artist. Moreover, it’s the practice  that plays a main role to be an artist. To be a real artist.

And I have learned that the hard way.

I am still in learning. And will always be a student to this “nature”. I hardly practice. And now, when I need some of that practice, I have none. Or little, to be honest.

Well, that being said, I wish whatever hopes and wishes anyone has, they are not let down by the laziness of not practising. It too, is an art in itself.





Another orbit around the sun

Around this time last year, I was looking forward to Blogging 101, the blogging course for newbies like me (as well as the old bloggers; I had seen some bloggers taking up the course for the 2nd or 3rd time as well). If you see my first ever blog post, it will be dated January 5th 2015. My first ever post and my first ever course.

A year ago.

A year has passed and it feels just like yesterday, that I was all hyped up and excited, checking and re checking the course page. Reading comments and replies of fellow blogging collegues and waiting till the first assignment was posted so that I could get the push to start off blogging.

So much has happened. New things adopted, old responsibilities continued or left out. Letting go of those who moved on, by moving on myself, and embracing the company of the ones in the present.

Change is the punch in your face which is, and always will be the only thing that is constant in life. Its up to you how, and how well you take that punch.


Changes and life


The difference a mere 1 year could make, 4 years makes it even more different.

Everything changes – not as if it never were before – but all those memories getting dragged along with us.

What memories?

A year old child turning 5 and running around the house. Elders getting old. Healthy, happy people, suddenly not any more the next day. Marriage everywhere-resembling salt and pepper being showered on a fried egg.

Everyone gets busy in their lives. Everyone has their own issues, responsibilities, their own lives.

And us?

Well, we go through all this too. And at times, become their narrators.

Hope for the best. Forgive. Be kind and patience. Being gentle, in my opinion shows that you are an honourable person. Love (not just the romantic love *rolls eyes*). Talk. Have conversations, and try to get involved in them. Learn and gain so much knowledge that you can show the world that there is so much more that they can know. And learn from others as well. Pray, for yourself and others as well. You can never know how much more they need it than you do.

I am currently in my “home” town; well, the country that my passport is from. And A LOT behind from blogging.