You don’t struggle enough

I can never understand how people can so easily pass such a statement without being in someone else shoes. Every single person has struggles of their own; some visible while others hidden. We can never pinpoint or measure the amount of struggle someone goes through. Yes, time and the result of that "struggling" can be … Continue reading You don’t struggle enough


Dead… But not yet, not enough

I have come to a conclusion on different types of depression. Some are assumed, many self proclaimed, while others, the real deal - clinically diagnosed. I too, believe that I have the "self proclaimed" depression. Symptoms: Tiredness Not willing to do more than told Hopelessness Overthinking Self doubt Circumstances; the idea of not being lucky … Continue reading Dead… But not yet, not enough

Accepting Fate or Giving Up?

Within 3 years of my "real" career life, or rather, routine work life, I have observed, and have come to accept the fact that no matter how hard you try, whatever your qualifications are, or how much you want it -And -fight for it, when the circumstances are laid out in such a way that … Continue reading Accepting Fate or Giving Up?


Let's see how this goes. I don't ever remember using the WordPress app on my mobile/iPad to publish a post- everytime I have run to open up my laptop and wait for windows to load up, chrome to stop being moody, get the link to WordPress website and come up with content. Well, there's a … Continue reading Mobility

Failing to fall apart

We have all been there. Dragged, tested, hurt, pushed down and left unappreciated despite all our efforts, hard and/or "smart" work. But here we all are. It will never be the first time, neither will it be the last, because we know it will not end there. Yet, we are stillĀ alive, moving on, failing to … Continue reading Failing to fall apart


I have changed a bit. Perhaps a lot. It's all for reasons I'll never understand because change is the most constant affair I have ever been with - the only one I've ever been with. Ha. Here's to changes and growing and becoming better than who, or what we were before - starting by revamping … Continue reading Revamp

Do your best.

I have been tried. Today. the Day before. And have been ever since I stepped out of ..well. Ever since I was born, if I take it all the way back then. But I don't think giving up is an option, even though success has become more of a northern star - a guidance rather … Continue reading Do your best.